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Insulation Suppliers BMD are Rockwool Insulation specialists providing the full range of Rockwool Insulation that is currently available from Rockwool Direct. Below is a list of some of the Rockwool Insulation materials which are available from stock or to order.
rockwool insulation

Rockwool Roll (rollbatt):- Rockwool Roll or Rockwool Rollbatt is a multi purpose insulation mat of medium density it is suitable for loft insulation in both domestic and industrial/commercial applications it has enhanced fire insulation and acoustic insulation properties over standard fibreglass and is an ideal material for use in suspended ceiling applications. This product comes in a standard pack width of 1200mm and can be cut through the pack to desired width using a standard handsaw.

Rockwool Cavity :- Rockwool Cavity Insulation is designed for full fill cavity insulation applications and is an effective cavity wall insulation material. The 1200x455 cavity batts are both lightweight and easy to install and whilst they reduce heat loss they also reduce the risk of condensation and do not allow the transmission of water from the outer leaf of the construction to the inner leaf. Most commonly available in 50mm,80mm and 100mm thick batts.
Rockwool Flexi :- Rockwool Flexi is part of the Rockwool Soundpro Insulation range it has a unique flexible edge which ensures a perfect fit between the framework in which it is placed, this in turn ensures that the Rockwool Flexi will not slump should the studs shrink and also ensures the integrity of the insulation properties as there will be no gaps left. Rockwool Flexi is an ideal choice for use in partition wall insulation , roof insulation and floor insulation. Rockwool Flexi comes in standard 1200x400 and 1200x600 slabs and is available in various thicknesses from and including 50mm-140mm.
Rockwool RW rigid, semi rigid and flexible slab :- Rockwool Insulation produce the Rockwool RW range of products this Rockwool insulation slab range are made of high quality resin bonded Rockwool slabs, which have very good Fire insulation , acoustic insulation and thermal insulation properties. This range of Rockwool Insulation is made up of the Rockwool RWA45 (45kg/m3) , Rockwool RW3 (60kg/m3) , Rockwool RW5 (100kg/m3) and Rockwool RW6 (140kg/m3) all come in slab size 1000mmx600mm and most are available in thicknesses rangeing from 30mm-120mm inclusive. This Rockwool Insulation range is an ideal choice where particularly good acoustic insulation is required for floor insulation, wall insulation and roof insulation applications.
Also available :- BMD Insulation are also suppliers of all other Rockwool Insulation products such as Rockwool Rockfloor , Rockwool Acoustic Partition Slab , Rockwool Cladding Roll , Rockwool Rockfall , Rockwool Duorock , Rockwool HP Partial Fill Cavity Slab any many more. some of these Rockwool Insulation materials are special order only and minimum order quantities may apply.
contact bmd insulation on 01793 791010
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