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BMD insulation
2400x1200x80mm Celotex / Kingspan 10 sheet deal only £298.50+VAT
2400x1200x100mm Celotex / Kingspan 12 sheet deal only £416.40 +VAT
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Rockwool Cavity Slab 100mm, 16 pack bundle deal only £333.60 +VAT
2400x1200x40mm Celotex / Kingspan 15 sheet deal only £252.75 +VAT
150mm Loft Roll Combi-Cut 14 pack deal only £253.40+VAT
2400x1200x12.5mm foil Backed Plasterboard 25 sheet deal only £235 +VAT
2400x1200x25mm Celotex / Kingspan 20 sheet deal only £238.80 +VAT
Rockwool Roll 100mm 12 pack deal only £403.26 +VAT
75mm Fibreglass Cavity Slab 20 pack deal £252.00 +VAT
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